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Sermon Notes

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"#Notalone" 05-16-21

"#Notalone" 05-09-21

"God Visits His People" 

"Love ____________" Love Reveals

"Love ____________" Love Endures

"Love ___________" Love Sacrifices 
"Love __________" Love Defines
"The Good, the bad, the end" Pastor Ethan
"SOAP" Receive the Holy Spirit
"SOAP" The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
"ADVENT" Peace
"CHANGED" November 22
"CHANGED" November 15
"CHANGED" November 8th
"CHANGED" November 1st 
"When God Disappoints You" Sept 13
"When God Disappoints You" Sept 6th
PAUSE "When God doesn’t do what you think He ought to do
PAUSE " Dealing with Pride"
PAUSE "Love Others"
PAUSE "Dealing with Fear"
PAUSE "Dealing with Anger"
"Trusting God the Father" 
"Why the Church" 6/7/2020
"Why the Church" 05/24/2020
"Why the Church" 05/17/2020
"Chasing the Wind" 
"Chasing the Wind" Life Without God 
"Chasing The Wind" Find the Mind
"The Cross of Christ" Reveals Life
"The Cross of Christ" Reveals Power
"The Cross of Christ" Opened a New Way
"The Cross of Christ" Reveals Forgiveness
"Survey NT" Mark 15-Luke 1
"The Cross of Christ" Conquered Death
"Survey NT" Mark 11-14
"The Cross of Christ" Reveals the Worth of Man
"Survey NT" Mark 6-10
"Family Feud" Forgiveness
"Survey NT" Mark 1-5
"Family Feud" Raising Children
"Survey NT" Matthew 26-28
"Family Feud" Favoritism
"Survey NT" Matthew 22-25
"Family Feud" Conflict
"Survey NT" Matthew 18-21
"Family Feud" Marriage
"Survey NT" Matthew 14-17
"Survey NT" Matthew 10-13
"Survey NT" Matthew 6-9
"Prayer 101" Week 3
"Survey NT " Matthew 1-5
"Prayer 101"  Week 2
"Survey OT Haggai - Malachi
"Prayer 101"  Week 1
"Survey OT Part 2" Micah - Zephaniah
"Joy" Fourth Sunday of Advent
"Survery OT Part 2" Joel - Amos 
"Love" Third Sunday of Advent
"Survey OT Part 2" Daniel 6 - Hosea
"Peace" Second Sunday of Advent
"Survey OT Part 2" Daniel 1-5
"The Source of All Hope" First Sunday of Advent
"Keys to a Grateful Heart"
"Thankful for Complete Forgiveness"
"Survey OT Part 2 "Ezekiel"
"Thankful Jesus is My Treasure"
"Survey OT Part 2" Jeremiah 52 - Lamentations
"Survey OT Part 2" Jeremiah 37-51
"Next Step" Climax
"Survey OT Part 2" Jeremiah 26-36
"Next Step" Consistent 
"Survey OT Part 2" Jeremiah 1-25
"Next Step" Chaos
"Next Step" Conflict
"Survey OT Part 2" Isaiah 1-39
"Next Step" Calling
"Survey OT Part 2" Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon
"Survey OT Part 2" Job
"Better Together" We is Better Than Me
"Survey OT Part 2" Esther
"Better Together" 
"Survey OT Part 2" Nehemiah 1-3
"The DNA of Joy"
"Survey OT Part 2" Ezra 1-10
"You are Preaching" 
"Survey OT Part 2" 2 Chronicles
"'The Classroom of Jesus"
"Survey OT Part 2" 1 Chronicles
"#fortnite" Winning the War
"Survey OT Part 2"  2 Kings 11-16
"#fortnite" The Battle of Prayer
"Survey OT Part 2" Kings 1-10
"#fortnite" Satan desires to make you fall
"Survey OT Part 2: 1 Kings 2:1-22
"#fortnite" Battle of Turning Inward
"Survey OT Part 2" 2 Samuel 11- 1 Kings 1 
"#fortnite" Ready to Fight
"Survey OT Part 2" 1 Samuel 25-2 Samuel 10
"#fortnite" The Battle of the Mind
"Survey OT Part 2" 1 Samuel 4-24
"#fortnite" The Enemy
"The Power of Choice"
"Survey OT" Judges 1 - Samuel 3
"Portraits of Jesus" The Lion
"Survey OT" Judges 1-12
"Portraits of Jesus" Groom
"Survey OT" Joshua 16-24
"Portraits of Jesus" High Priest
"Portraits of Jesus" I am the Resurrection and the Life
"Survey OT" Joshua 1-15
"Portraits of Jesus" The Lamb
"Survey OT" Deuteronomy 16-34
"Portraits of Jesus" The Light
"Survey OT" Deuteronomy 1-15                                                                         
"Portraits of Jesus" The Rock
"Survey OT" Numbers 22-36
"Survey OT" Numbers 11-21
"Survey OT" Numbers 1-10
"Survey OT" Exodus 32-34, Leviticus 1-7
"Survey OT" Exodus 13-31
"Survey OT" Exodus 1-12                                                                                       
Survey OT" Genesis 41-50
"Survey OT" Genesis 1-11