Sermon Notes

"Keys to a Grateful Heart"
"Thankful for Complete Forgiveness"
"Survey OT Part 2 "Ezekiel"
"Thankful Jesus is My Treasure"
"Survey OT Part 2" Jeremiah 52 - Lamentations
"Survey OT Part 2" Jeremiah 37-51
"Next Step" Climax
"Survey OT Part 2" Jeremiah 26-36
"Next Step" Consistent 
"Survey OT Part 2" Jeremiah 1-25
"Next Step" Chaos
"Next Step" Conflict
"Survey OT Part 2" Isaiah 1-39
"Next Step" Calling
"Survey OT Part 2" Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon
"Survey OT Part 2" Job
"Better Together" We is Better Than Me
"Survey OT Part 2" Esther
"Better Together" 
"Survey OT Part 2" Nehemiah 1-3
"The DNA of Joy"
"Survey OT Part 2" Ezra 1-10
"You are Preaching" 
"Survey OT Part 2" 2 Chronicles
"'The Classroom of Jesus"
"Survey OT Part 2" 1 Chronicles
"#fortnite" Winning the War
"Survey OT Part 2"  2 Kings 11-16
"#fortnite" The Battle of Prayer
"Survey OT Part 2" Kings 1-10
"#fortnite" Satan desires to make you fall
"Survey OT Part 2: 1 Kings 2:1-22
"#fortnite" Battle of Turning Inward
"Survey OT Part 2" 2 Samuel 11- 1 Kings 1 
"#fortnite" Ready to Fight
"Survey OT Part 2" 1 Samuel 25-2 Samuel 10
"#fortnite" The Battle of the Mind
"Survey OT Part 2" 1 Samuel 4-24
"#fortnite" The Enemy
"The Power of Choice"
"Survey OT" Judges 1 - Samuel 3
"Portraits of Jesus" The Lion
"Survey OT" Judges 1-12
"Portraits of Jesus" Groom
"Survey OT" Joshua 16-24
"Portraits of Jesus" High Priest
"Portraits of Jesus" I am the Resurrection and the Life
"Survey OT" Joshua 1-15
"Portraits of Jesus" The Lamb
"Survey OT" Deuteronomy 16-34
"Portraits of Jesus" The Light
"Survey OT" Deuteronomy 1-15

"Portraits of Jesus" The Rock
"Survey OT" Numbers 22-36
"What" 03/24/19
"Survey OT" Numbers 11-21
"Learning to Talk" 03/17/19
"Survey OT" Numbers 1-10
"Learning to Talk" 03/10/19
"Learning to Talk" 03/03/19
"Survey OT" Exodus 32-34, Leviticus 1-7
"Survey OT" Exodus 13-31
"You've Got Mail" Everyone is seeking to be loved and to love
"Survey OT" Exodus 1-12

"You've Got Mail" God's Love Letter"

Survey OT" Genesis 41-50   "

You've Got Mail"  As We Open God's Love Letter 
"Survey OT" Genesis 1-11

"Remember to Remember" 12/30/18 


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