Sermon Notes

"Survey OT Part 2 "Ezra 1-10
"You are Preaching" 
"Survey OT Part 2" 2 Chronicles
"'The Classroom of Jesus"
"Survey OT Part 2" 1 Chronicles
"#fortnite" Winning the War
"Survey OT Part 2"  2 Kings 11-16
"#fortnite" The Battle of Prayer
"Survey OT Part 2" Kings 1-10
"#fortnite" Satan desires to make you fall
"Survey OT Part 2: 1 Kings 2:1-22
"#fortnite" Battle of Turning Inward
"Survey OT Part 2" 2 Samuel 11- 1 Kings 1 
"#fortnite" Ready to Fight
"Survey OT Part 2" 1 Samuel 25-2 Samuel 10
"#fortnite" The Battle of the Mind
"Survey OT Part 2" 1 Samuel 4-24
"#fortnite" The Enemy
"The Power of Choice"
"Survey OT" Judges 1 - Samuel 3
"Portraits of Jesus" The Lion
"Survey OT" Judges 1-12
"Portraits of Jesus" Groom
"Survey OT" Joshua 16-24
"Portraits of Jesus" High Priest
"Portraits of Jesus" I am the Resurrection and the Life
"Survey OT" Joshua 1-15
"Portraits of Jesus" The Lamb
"Survey OT" Deuteronomy 16-34
"Portraits of Jesus" The Light
"Survey OT" Deuteronomy 1-15

"Portraits of Jesus" The Rock
"Survey OT" Numbers 22-36
"What" 03/24/19
"Survey OT" Numbers 11-21
"Learning to Talk" 03/17/19
"Survey OT" Numbers 1-10
"Learning to Talk" 03/10/19
"Learning to Talk" 03/03/19
"Survey OT" Exodus 32-34, Leviticus 1-7
"Survey OT" Exodus 13-31
"You've Got Mail" Everyone is seeking to be loved and to love
"Survey OT" Exodus 1-12

"You've Got Mail" God's Love Letter"

Survey OT" Genesis 41-50   "

You've Got Mail"  As We Open God's Love Letter 
"Survey OT" Genesis 1-11

"Remember to Remember" 12/30/18 


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